Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Tale of Halloween's Past

As I was talking to a friend this week, I was remembering what this time of year was like last year...oh, how things have changed.

Charlotte now...

  • Sleeps through the night

  • Smiles!

  • Laughs!

  • Crawls

  • Sits

  • Loves to eat her bottles

  • Knows what the word Bottle means

  • Feeds herself small pieces of food

  • Can play with us

  • Plays herself to sleep instead of cries
When you think about it, the progress she has made in this last year is amazing!
This is her last preemie clothes, given to her by a co-worker of mine. They were HUGE on her, but she had to wear them anyway. It was Halloween!

So tiny!

Last year, I remember Gracie barking at every kid that came to the door, me being stressed out by the baby crying...and it getting too cold in the house, and the dishes needing done, and having to pump (you see it on the floor), and wondering how much sleep I would get that night since I didn't get much the night before...EVERYTHING was a stressor!

But oh, this year! This year is wonderful! The video below is an example of how wonderful this past week has been, and I hope next week will be too. As you know, Charlotte has her MRI next week, (On Halloween), so I am hoping we still get to pass out some candy and dress her up, but mostly, I am hoping for good news... But, I will try to do as my mother has suggested, and put it aside for the next few days, and worry when there is something to worry about.

Ok, so back to the video...I lost ya there for a minute didn't I? So, this is similar to the Green Bean video, except in this one, she picks the "puff" off of her tray and feeds herself, and is showing off her ability to hold her own sippy cup. The video is kinda long, I got carried away trying to capture such an exciting time in her/our lives, when she is finally able to eat "real" food. She isn't interested in baby food at all anymore, but I can't really say that I mind. But, any good tips on how to get more calories in her with real food? I know butter is a good idea, but come on...butter? I want to keep her somewhat healthy right? Anyway, here is the video.

These are some of my favorite pictures from the other day at the Pumpkin patch with Kelly and William Heidt (her babysitter/my friend, and her son). Kelly took them on her fancy camera. They are so precious and help me remember how great things have been lately with Charlotte. How much easier they are, even though we are still striving each day to figure her out, and keep her/get her well. Even though I worry each day about everything she has been through, what is to come, how to fix what is wrong right is overall Good. Great. Fun. Our Family is coming together nicely. I love being with her, and love rocking her while she drinks her bottles each night, and then holding her close, even for just a couple of minutes before laying her down. Somehow, I knew 1 year ago that better days would come, not that bringing her home wasn't wonderful, but it was stressful. I am just much more able to enjoy her now and able to praise her for all that she is doing, and doing my best to be sure we stay on top of what is going on medically. I know truly, I am doing my best. 1 year ago, I didn't know what that was. But now, I do.

The Hawns

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