Monday, October 8, 2007

Good Times

Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to show off some CUTE pics of Charlotte and some of her buddies. But first, the introduction of her new tub. We decided that she had outgrown that newborn plastic one, and upgraded to the cushy air tub. Complete with the fine color palate/Noah's Ark design, and emphasis on the top of the line padding on the bottom and sides. She seemed to like it, especially when we first blew it up and Chris proceeded to pull her around the house in it. (Picture on left). Then, she actually took a bath in it and enjoyed testing out is "splashability". I think it was to her liking as we were both soaked head to toe.

We also had a great time at the Park for the first time EVER! Kelly, Charlotte's new babysitter/friend and her son William and I had lunch there, then had fund on the swings, and finally strolled on the jogging path around the park. The day was filled with great conversation and lots of smiles from the babies and the two of us.

This is William, sitting on the swing behind Charlotte. They both loved it, and didn't seem to mind sharing the space on the swing.

A game of Hide & Go Seek? Where's Charlotte?
Can you tell we are cousins?

And finally, my peaceful angel. This was her this morning before going to Kelly's for the afternoon so I could renew my CPR. This is her favorite sleeping position. As soon as I lay her down, she rolls to her tummy, pulls her legs underneath her and puts her thumb in her mouth. I just love it, the smooshed cheek against the mattress, messed up hair, movement of her lips as if she were sucking, the deep breathing. I couln't resist a snapshot of such a peaceful slumber. I wanted to remember the overwhelming feeling of love that overcame me when I saw her this way today.

My Precious Girl...

Goodnight All...

The Hawns

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