Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mommy Returns From Kansas

Mommy came back home unannounced and surprised Daddy and I. She was happy to be home and glad to see that we survived while she was gone. She and Aunt Sara had to go help Grandma Val, whose house was flooded when the water crested over the local dike. Here are some pictures of Osawatomie, KS last week.

The top picture is a street nearby Grandma Val's house and the bottom is her house after the water went down considerably. Amazingly enough, the water did not get in the house. However things in the garage were a mess and they will have to see if there was any other damage to the h0use structure. We are glad everyone is OK and glad Mommy and Aunt Sara were able to help out.

Here is a self portrait of the three of them after the good news of the house being dry.

While mommy was away, I had my first day of daycare, which went well. I also got my second cold though, sorry for the frequent crying spells in the middle of the night Dad. I haven't learned how to blow my nose... Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hawn also for watching me while Mommy was away and Dad was at work. I also celebrated my first 4th of July. Sorry there are no pictures, but mommy had the camera with her in KS. We all missed each other, but enjoyed the fireworks in Hazelwood. I had to blink on the really loud ones, and Daddy helped cover my ears.

Today we went with Aunt Sara and Uncle Nathan to see the puppy they will be getting in a few weeks. Sadie is a 5 week old boxer puppy. Isn't she cute!

Then we stopped by and visited Great Aunt Joyce. Here is the two of us.

And finally me on my first wagon ride, in the basement. This is how Daddy kept me entertained while Mommy sewed. Thanks Aunt Kim for getting me this gift before I was born. I'm glad I get to use it now.

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

-Charlotte and the Fam'

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The Frost Family said...

What an amazing miracle at your mom's! We are so glad to hear of the blessings that came out of such an unfortuante event for all of those in Kansas.

Miss Charlotte- you look so grown up riding in your wagon! And your bib is adorable too, but I bet it has even more special meaning for your mommy!

Take care,
Team Frost